If the rubbing is not clearly legible write the numbers you see adjacent to the rubbing and take a digital photograph.

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The Pearson production year runs from August of the previous year to July of the given year.

old boat, you probably have a set of 12 characters embedded on the upper starboard side of your boat's transom.

Thus, if characters 9 through 12 of the HIN were "M80B," the boat was built in September of 1980.

Why the lettering of the months in the model year system began with August is incomprehensible.

Pearson Yachts used the 5 digit Serial Number to specify the first 2 digits as a factory model code (Table 1), and the last 3 digits as the unique hull number.

Note: This 3 digit hull number presents a problem for boat productions greater than 999.

The HIN is a 12 digit serial number that uniquely identifies a boat.

It is analogous to a VIN on a motor vehicle registration.

Pearson Yachts used the 4 digit Date of Certification to specify 2 digits as the year, 1 digit as month code (Table 2), and 1 digit that is yet undetermined.

As you will note in the example the naming convention changed in 1984 so that the last two digits became the year – to conform to the change in HIN specifications.

From its inception on November 1, 1972, the HIN was designated by one of two formats.