While thermal activity underneath glaciers can cause them to move faster as the bottom layer melts, it’s never been seen as a major factor in the past.

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It’s where the seams of the Antarctic Plate are beginning to split, and the continent is pulling itself apart a bit like a piece of taffy.

As the continental crust thins, magma can bubble through, causing volcanoes to sprout upward.

However, not all of them may be active anymore, as the researchers’ data only reveals physical features, and doesn’t track geothermal activity.

That region actually sees very few earthquakes, as John Cottle, a geology professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara points out, something that normally correlates with eruptions.

Sidley, the highest volcano in Antarctica, is also nearby.

The presence of glacial volcanoes may sound like cause for alarm in a time when worries of melting ice sheets abound, but the reality is more complex.

They assembled a list of these rocky cones and then applied a few additional constraints, like the presence of magnetic and gravitational anomalies, to arrive at their final figure.