"Encourage their active participation in multiple sports, as a coach often times will act as a surrogate father in providing counsel and mental toughness, while being part of a team gives him courage and the understanding of selflessness," says Lynn.

If your kid isn't the athletic type, look to his school teachers, Boy Scout leaders, or any other safe, structured club centered around his interests.

At my 20-week sonogram, I found out that my fantasy was not going to happen. One good friend with two sons cheerfully told me at the time that, as women, we inherently want girls — "but I love my boys." And I love my boy, too.

"When I met my boyfriend, I was really careful about letting him in and getting close to my son. The one for ." Today, Watz and her now-husband are expecting a sibling for their boy.

Welcoming a new man into both of your lives can be a huge transition.

Boys sort out their identities in relation to the mythical characters they hear about," said Matlack. He wears a full costume, even through the airport and down Madison Avenue."Matlack raises an important point, because I know it took me awhile to get used to green Hulk fists, the constant need to wear a superhero cape, and that it always seems to be raining Legos.

My kid is into stereotypical boy stuff that I had zero interest in, but today, I can make the Louvre out of Lego.

It’s funny how, when you’re a mom, dating isn’t just about you — it's about your child. According to Leah Klungness, Ph D, psychologist and co-author of ,” Klungness says.

Whether each man I date knows it or not, I’m testing him from day one. In other words, he’s not looking to settle down or meet your kid any time soon.

That may sound harsh, but it's important for your son to be a child."Avoid using terms that insinuate your young boy has power or responsibilities over his head," explains Coach Stevan Lynn from Deeds Driven Dads.

"Referring to your son as 'man of the house' distorts his understanding of his place and role as the child whom has to earn his keep." Repeat after me: Your child is not your confidant, your knight in shining armor, or your rescuer.

So when it came time to potty train my son, he automatically wanted to sit and pee – which I totally allowed. But single mom Emily Bauer from New York City says to "teach your little guy to pee standing up, too." Boys should know about unzipping their fly and using a urinal, she adds.

Whether you explain the process or a trusted grandpa or uncle guides him, it's important your boy knows how his body works.

For Watz's son, it's been meaningful to have a dad, not just a father: "His daddy tucks him in every night and packs his lunch.