They spread their legs for any good looking guy with a modicum of game, heck, even some unattractive guys sleep with these girls.This is mainly because they get drunk and frequent places where people go to hookup (bars and clubs).

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De Generes brought up a video of the two performing their collaboration "The Way" on her show three years ago before asking Grande if she is with him and is happy. Our song came together so nicely and our voices sound so nice together...

"Oh yeah," Grande responded before shyly ducking under her sleeves. You'd expect to hear us sing together and go, ' She makes him sound like an idiot.'"Miller's right—it's pretty hard to deny the pair's chemistry when they were spotted making out at a sushi restaurant and hanging at a VMAs after party.

I’ve met plenty of girls who rarely post on Instagram or Facebook, and girls who don’t even have a Twitter or Instagram account.

These girls were more attractive to me because they weren’t constantly seeking male attention and validation through likes.

She never told him anything, even though this guy hung out with us a lot.

They broke up after three months, I wonder if he found out what she was really like.

Just like how guys say they’ve bedded more girls than they actually have, women say they’ve been with less men than they actually have.

When a women tells you she’s slept with five guys in her life, that most likely means she’s been with 15-20.

Women who have slutty friends are much more likely to sleep around too, this is common sense.