“For some people, a simple kiss on the cheek is enough to launch a delusion that you love them.

It’s impossible to know what’s inside someone’s head and heart.”If your instincts are telling you something is wrong, believe them.

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It’s pretty common practice to switch over from Tinder or OKCupid to texting once a flirtation has been going on for a little while, but think twice before you hand over your phone number, says O’Toole.

“That phone is one more link to you and depending on their tech savvy, they can hack into your phone, track your whereabouts, or continuously text and call you.” Remember that once someone has certain info about you, there’s no taking it back.

If you knew ahead of time your date had a record, would you still go out with him or her?

“We tend to show only our best side when getting to know someone—so buyer beware,” says Delong.

“Be very leery about meeting in remote places like a hiking trail, boat, or a park.

While romantic, there might be no one around if you need help,” she says.

Chatting about things like your job title, company you work for, college you went to, or neighborhood you live in are typical online dating small-talk topics, but they’re not so harmless, says Jason Hanson, CIA agent and author of.

“Never give specific details about your job or where you like to hang out because then some creeper will know where to find you.” It might seem boringly vague, but consider it a challenge to your conversational skills to find something else to chat about.

In the interest of being over-prepared (again, not hot, but when have you ever regretted it?

) when you’re dating a stranger, we grilled experts—from CIA and FBI agents to privacy pros—about what women can do to keep themselves safe while they’re dating. Does that Bumble prospect really need to know where you were raised and your mother’s maiden name? “A stalker or predator can attempt to find you through this information,” says Mary Ellen O’Toole, a former FBI criminal profiler and author of “Even things like where you were born can give someone enough information to Google you through a people-finder and locate you.” Avoid!

If possible, avoid dark, secluded bars during a first meeting.