NET Core—making it a top-performing framework at the fundamentals of HTTP request routing.Round 13 also sees new hardware and cloud environments from Server Central and Microsoft Azure.

database ease of updating-41

Each request is processed by fetching multiple rows from a simple database table, converting the rows to in-memory objects, modifying one attribute of each object in memory, updating each associated row in the database individually, and then serializing the list of objects as a JSON response.

The test is run multiple times: testing 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 updates per request.

Even after consolidating a few, Round 7 counts 84 frameworks and over 200 test permutations!

This round also was the first to use a community-review process.

We would like our tests for every framework to perform optimally, so we invite you to please join in.

Feedback has been continuous and we plan to keep updating the project in several ways, such as: Check out the motivation and questions section for answers to some common questions.

An additional fortune cookie message is inserted into the list at runtime and then the list is sorted by the message text.

Finally, the list is delivered to the client using a server-side HTML template.

Example response: In this test, the framework responds with the simplest of responses: a "Hello, World" message rendered as plain text.