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Then in the VTPro-e project, draw a "Clock" on the page where you want to display the Time.

To display Date, Add a Clock Driver symbol in the Simpl Windows program if not already added.

Also added to the new cuz files: A console command OLDUSDST which can be used to revert back to the old schedule if a particular region is not following the new schedule or the law changes back.

Control Processors already updated to include the new DST fix: IM Series, no update is required Control Processors: MP2, MP2E, MC2E, MC2W running v3.155.1236 or later Pro2, AV2, CP2, CP2E, PAC2, Rack2 running v3.155.1235 or later PAC2M running v3.156.0020 or later AES running v3.155.0804 or later AADS, AADS-XM running v3.157.0132 or later MPS running QM-RMC running v3.155.1237 or later QM-RMCRX/ BA running v3.155.1238 or later MPS-100 running later than v3.157.0268 (Initial Release) Control processors not currently scheduled to be updated include: CNX-DVP4/ DI CNMSX series ST-CP CNMS series Work around if Control processor is not running an updated cuz file.

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Note: The Date is also available to be adjusted by using methods 1 and 2 mentioned above.

This is typically corrected by changing the Viewport communication settings.

There are releases of operating systems for Control processors to handle the new DST date for the United States which is needed ONLY for those using the [Clock Driver] symbol with a format of [1d].

Note: Touchpanels are unaffected by this as they display the time/ date sent to them by the Control processor.

Note: Realize if you do adjust the time of the processor, if the Simpl Windows DST code is not removed, the time will adjust at the "old" date and the processor time will be off by an hour.