–Proverbs 8:7 (CEV) Some claim that the silly gesture of crossing your fingers behind your back to cover up a lie originated with Roman persecution of Christians.

While skateboarding, he and some friends spotted an abandoned, broken-down farm house nearby and decided to go exploring.

The boys didn’t know that the old house with no front door had recently been vandalized, nor that the neighbors were on the lookout.

And of course, lack of sleep reduces their ability to think clearly and handle stress, so it becomes a vicious cycle. Dishonesty is rooted in an attitude of disrespect; disrespect for others, disrespect for authority, disrespect for other people’s things, disrespect for your family’s values, and disrespect for oneself.

If you ignore dishonest actions by your teen today, you may have to deal with bigger problems later.

Twenty-four percent said they had stolen something from a relative or parent in the same time period, and 20% had stolen something from a friend.

Perhaps the most telling bit of data was that 93% said they are “satisfied with their personal ethics and character.” All teenage behavior, including dishonesty, has a motivating factor.

High academic expectations can also put a lot of pressure on a teen to cheat.

Holding kids to unnecessarily high achievement standards can sometimes pressure them into getting a good grade at any cost.

Due to its anonymity, deception and fantasy are rife on the Internet.

Parents should be concerned that such deception, what I call “digital courage,” can spill over and fuel an attitude of deception in other areas of the teen’s life. Even if there is no obvious cause for concern, they should keep a wary eye on their teen’s online surfing and make it a policy to know all of their teenager’s web passwords.

That sounds more like a fable to me, but it’s a fact that teenagers today seem to be crossing their fingers behind their back more and more. The latest Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth, by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, shows teens are lying more often and more easily than ever.