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She frequently comes to our place for drinks and dinner. Well during a normal night at the bar for 25 cent hot wings, our order was delivered to the wrong table...a table of hot girls.

So we joked and flirted with them for a while, my friends and I buying them drinks.

I had waited until our only child- my daughter was through...

So my story begins one warm summer's eve a couple of years ago.

My wife's longtime friend, Michele came to stay for a long weekend which she has done quite a few times over the years. I didn't drink as is my custom but I played video games, helped the women in the kitchen, laughed, talked, danced stayed up WAY too late and basically had a good time with friends. We were side by side at the bar of a very dark club.

This particular time we had arranged to go out for a few drinks on the Friday night. Late that night, after everyone was asleep, a couple... If the word ‘underground’ conveys edgy techno music, sexy people and dry ice, then despite the fact this party was taking place on the first floor of a refurbished...Over time, I suppose, it will become obvious why that's so apropos.I wrote this story recently, because the experience just seemed too hot not to share. It puts me in a collaboration of friends, male and female alike that are some of the most attractive people in the world.While we were out we started reminiscing about the past and some of the... I woke up one morning, and I sat and told my fiancee at the time, that I had this incredible dream that I would love to put into action. She was not my choice for many reasons (her being 19 was only one factor). So since Leslie and Ann and I had fun, we talked about getting together again.He was open to the idea and he replied to me"Bring me that *****". These things are the reasons I believe we are going to hell for doing this. I had not actually had sex with two people at the same time but had several incidents where more than one partner were involved.We have no control over the content of these pages.