Advertising staff said Mrs Chiu's advert had always appeared under the "massage heading".One massage worker who advertises on the page said yesterday: "It doesn't take much to work out what 'massage' means in that section.

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It was clearly aimed at loners and vulnerable teens and cost a fortune.

You would call the number and end up in a "chatroom" with loads of others, all talking at the same time (like an early type internet chat room).

Police said they were looking into the possibility that Mrs Chiu, a glamorous university graduate with formal qualifications in therapeutic message and aromatherapy, was killed by a client who arrived at her six-bedroomed house in Canford Cliffs, Poole, Dorset, looking for sexual services rather than the alternative "massage" therapy she advertised in a local newspaper.

Detective Inspector Steve Thorpe, the officer leading the murder hunt, said last night: "We are looking into that aspect of her lifestyle.

We are battling to come to terms with this unnecessary and violent death."Mrs Chui, who had a post-graduate degree in law and who spoke five languages including Japanese, separated from her Hong Kong-born husband Ernest 12 years ago.

Her daily advert in The Daily Echo, based in Bournemouth, was under the heading "Massage" and read: "Luxury massage, sauna & steam , private practice.

I can also rememeber when the plug was pulled (probably due to the massive phone bills parents up and down the country were receieving) it was at 5pm one friday afternoon and there was a host of us all crying down the phone to each other, pledging to be friends forever, as if it was the last day of term and then the line just went dead! Mind you i doubt anyone had actually used their real name or been honest about themselves.

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The voice on the answering machine tape was breathy and softly spoken.

It said: "This is Angela Chiu, massage and aromatherapy from 11am until 8pm, Monday to Saturday, in my own home. A full body massage takes one hour and costs £100."This 20-second message - and the question of whether it initiated a grim misunderstanding which led to murder - is at the heart of the investigation into the savage killing of a 48-year-old masseuse in her luxury home in one of Britain's most sought-after strips of seaside real estate.

I can remember in the mid 80s BT launching a telephone chat line.