Later in the episode, Nicki called Malcolm's house phone at the risk that another one of his family members would pick it up, because she assumed that out of all five of them, Malcolm would be the one who'd pick it up. They talked for a while and just after they stopped, Lois then took Malcolm on a long car ride, where she talked to him about sex and how it could affect with relationship with her.

At the end of the car ride, Malcolm was talking to Lois as though he had admitted that he was dating Nicki, surprisingly, Lois had no reaction to this and they casually conversed about this, as though it wasn't a problem at all.

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Her dad perceived this as a "snotty remark" and said that she doesn't need to be sarcastic with him.

Malcolm eventually gets kicked out of his house by Hal for unrelated reasons and he goes to live with her.

They secretly started dating one another and for a while it looks like they weren't going to get caught.

Somehow, her vet father and Lois found out and forbidden them from dating each other.

Just when she started to talk about them, however, her dad came in and Malcolm quickly hid under her bed.

When Nicki's dad accused her of having a boy over, Nicki angrily told him that Malcolm was hiding under her bed at the very moment.

Malcolm, who was now thinking before he spoke, was thinking a lot of very rude things to say in response to her, but instead just said something nice.

This made her feel happy with him and led to them making out again.

Nicki is Malcolm's girlfriend who he is forbidden to go out with by both his mother, Lois and Nicki's father, Boyd.