Because certain dudes on social media will always find away to blame a woman for everything, some Mets fans started harassing Lima online.When one user commented on one of Lima's Instagram pictures, "You ruined the Mets season go away,” Lima wrote back, “no I did not. Only 1 has been heard.”Harvey latter told reporters that he and he alone was to blame for missing the game.When they first ended up together, fans were surprised.

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Fans shared videos all over social media when cameras caught her giving Julian a kiss after a football game.

Adriana Lima, 35, and Julian Edelman, 30, have been an item for awhile.

The model and newly minted single girls' icon announced that she is now married to her self.

The 35-year-old may have traveled the world, rubbed shoulders with a who's who of eligible bachelors, and had a few high profile relationships in the past, but for right now at least she's decided she's the only person she needs in her life, thank you very much."WHATS UP WITH THE RING? "ITS SYMBOLIC, I AM COMMITTED TO MYSELF AND MY OWN HAPPINESS I AM MARRIED WITH ME LADIES LOVE YOURSELF AND YES I AM SINGLE"In the photos, there's a sparkly band along her ring finger, while she suggests a secret with her index finger.

Real love is different." It doesn't seem too long ago that Adriana professed to being a virgin—and staying that way until she was married.

Maybe the urge to be naughty had something to do with Marko's surprise proposal?

In late January, she was overhead calling Edelman “my lover” and seen wearing a Patriots’ hat.

Fans have known about them since July, when they were seen vacationing together in Nantucket.

When they first started dating, they said they weren’t exclusive yet, but were really enjoying each other’s company.

In the video above, you can see Adriana Lima kissing Julian Edelman after a championship game in January, when the Patriots defeated the Stealers.

She has been a spokesmodel for Maybelline since 2003, and she’s also known for her Super Bowl and Kia Motors commercials.