Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), publicly funded schools are required to appropriately accommodate children with every manner of disability so that the children can participate in the educational environment.Under IDEA, an individualized education program (IEP) is formed for a disabled child and the necessary accommodations are decided upon and created by the school.Children with disabilities enrolled in school but excluded from learning because the curriculum has not been adapted to their needs or teachers do not have the capacity or time to make the necessary adaptations, and/or they do not have access to assistive devices necessary for their learning needs.

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In general, modifications for disabled students can be divided into five categories: accessibility, transportation, classroom, physical education and discipline.

Under the ADA rules, all classrooms must be wheelchair accessible.

Under the IDEA, students should be placed into a normal classroom setting as much as possible.

Any accommodations such as a wheelchair accessible desk are added to the classroom for the school year.

Accommodating equipment may be used or a student may be given a specially assigned role such as referee.

The goal is to accommodate the student by creating participation at their level of skill so that they may enjoy a typical PE experience.Children with disabilities are less likely to start school and if they do, they are unlikely to transition to secondary school.Access to school for children with disabilities is often limited by a lack of understanding about their needs, and a lack of trained teachers, classroom support learning resources and facilities.These buses must also have space for assistive devices.Furthermore, an adult is required to ride on these buses in order to assist, supervise, and provide for the care of children on the bus during the trip back and forth to school.This is to ensure that marginalized children can have access to school.